Okay, as promised, here’s my update slash review of my first phrase of the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis. I’ve done Transform days 1-10 and I have to say I really like it. So far, Operation: Rock My Body Pre-Vacation and Weddings is a success!
Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Leg Lifts

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Abs
First of all, not only have I done days 1-10 but I’ve done 1-11 and tomorrow will be #12. Technically you’re supposed to change up the routine and move up a level every 10 days, but since I’m off to travel for a week starting tomorrow (!!!), I felt like there was no point in starting Metamorphosis level 2 (Transform days 11-20) for two days and then peacing out for nine days. So, sorry Tracy, but two extra days of Transform 1-10 and then I’ll officially start Transform 11-20 when I return.

Since starting out, I’ve lost 5 pounds annnd my clothes definitely seem looser. My stomach is flatter and more toned, and I’ve also noticed some different/new toning in my arms, which is great. I feel like I sound like I’ve totally drank the Tracy Anderson kool-aid (and I guess I have?!) but I really do see what she’s saying about working the “small accessory muscles” to get extra feminine toning rather than just focusing on the large bulk muscles like biceps, butt, etc. I also love that most of the workouts focus on resistance and working with your own body rather than lifting barbells and spending hours on the elliptical or something.

For people interested in exactly what I’m doing on a daily basis:

First of all: being really conscientious about what I’m eating.
Homemade eggs for breakfast, lots of greens and vegetables with lean protein for lunch and dinner. Lowfat yogurt, nuts, and fruit for snacks. Pretty boring and cliche, but it works! I try to make the fanciest salads possible to keep things exciting. Also, I’m not perfect, I’ve had the occasional glass of wine or two and a couple happy hours with cocktails, bread, etc. I can’t be that hardcore all the time, I just can’t.
30min Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis: Transform 1
Note on this: it’s about 10 minutes of arms/abs and 20 minutes of freakin’ leg lifts. The leg portion seems a little overwhelming at first (and boy, does it burn in some parts) but it gets easier as you do it every day. It’s still my least favorite part, but I don’t feel like my glutes are withering and dying anymore. Also, she doesn’t give a lot of instruction, which bothers some people, but since you’re doing the exact same video for 10 days in a row you get it down pretty fast. I like that it’s a more calm, straightforward routine that you learn by watching and get better the more you do it. You can focus on your body and the moves rather than some trainer yelling and cheering in your face the whole time.
30min-60min cardio
…This can be her dance cardio, sometimes running-jogging intervals on the treadmill, sometimes my own cardio circuit at the gym, usually trampoline – jumprope – jumping jacks – high knees – butt kicks. This morning I even did her Teen Meta cardio, haha, but whatever, it has really good dance jams.
1-2 rounds of beginner arms challenge

Note: I know that a lot of people (including other TA review sites I’ve read) are like “What?! At least an hour a day?! Who has that kind of time?!” and like… sorry, an hour isn’t that grueling, especially since you’re doing so many different things. I have the luxury of having a gym in my office building, meaning I can do my Transform mat portion in the mornings at home and then if I don’t have time for a dance cardio party before work I can do my cardio in the office gym during my break – that makes things a lot more manageable, time-wise. I just fit in the additional arms workout whenever I can – it’s just standing work and it’s a 3 minute exercise. I have it practically memorized by now. (Is that sad? It might be sad. I’m okay with it.)

I 100% plan on continuing with this when I get home, but let’s be real right now: while I’m in Europe I’m going to eat and drink my face off! You have to! Who knows when I’ll be back in Iceland, gotta eat that shark and puffin while I have the chance. (Seriously: shark.) I don’t believe on sticking to a strict nutritional and exercise routine when you’re on vacation. We’ll be walking around, riding horses, hiking, dancing, etc. That’s good enough for me!

When I get back at the end of July I guarantee I’ll have tons of pictures and tales of culinary adventure.
Bless, sjáumst seinna! (Thanks to Google Translate for helping me with that Icelandic farewell.)

(Screenshots from ebookee.net)

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    • Aww thanks, Melissa! I’m sure I’ll be posting about it a ton once I get back 🙂 And when you guys decide to go, I’ll be happy to give you all my recommendations!

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