In case you didn’t know, I’m BACK! Back in America, and back on the blog. I have a massive Iceland post to share tomorrow, but today there are more pressing things, such as wine in a can. What? Yes.

This is a thing that is happening in our lives (and livers). Canned wine: it is real.

The brand is called “Friends Just Wine” which strikes me as hilarious for some reason, and also makes me think of these two scenarios:

“Hey bro, are you and Chelsea hooking up?” “No way brah, we’re just friends…”
“Excuse me young lady, are you drinking alcohol in that can?” “Of course not, officer, it’s just juice…”

Or something. That might have made more sense in my head. Anyway, my friends said it looks like the Friends sitcom logo, which is also funny. Really, either way, what’s better than wine with friends? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

As far as stealth drinking, portability, and container endurance goes, Friends Just Wine takes the cake. You can tuck it in a koozie and pretend it’s a more innocuous soda or something. You can throw it into a big, full cooler and not worry about a glass bottle breaking. Plus it’s earth-friendly since you can just recycle the aluminum can – no plastic cups required, unlike when you lug a couple glass bottles to a picnic or pool party (unless you decide to take earth-friendliness into your own hands/mouth and drink straight from the bottle, which I could never condemn).
One caveat: this stuff is sweet. At least the varieties I tried. I was given samples of: Rosé Moscato, White Moscato, Strawberry Moscato, Peach Moscato, Original Red Sangria and Original White Sangria to review on Endless Simmer. All super, super fruity and, once again, sweet. Moscato is really having a moment right now so I think this flavor profile will be appealing to a lot of wine drinkers, especially in these hot months, but I would love the option of more dry white wines in the future. I do think these would be a great addition to a summer sangria – mix with some brandy, club soda, and a bunch of your favorite fresh fruit. Ahhh.

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  1. Speaking of wine in a can, have you tried the Sofia sparkling wine in a can?! It’s a lil sweet, but we brought it to Madison Park one warm, sunny day, and just felt all classy as get out!

    • I have tried it, and I like it! I agree that it’s a little sweet for my taste, but I love the cute little straws it comes with. I’m a sucker for a straw, what can I say?

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