As I mentioned last week, I participated in a kale-centric event at kor180 and it was a blast! I demo-ed one of my recipes, met a ton of awesome members of the Austin fitness and cooking community, and generally had a great time. Big thanks to Tanner, Maja, and everyone else at kor180, as well as Skinny Limits and their amazing juices (new obsession = their “Crescent Moon” cashew milk) and the good folks at Burro Cheese Kitchen and their ultra-tasty artisan grilled cheese sandwiches!
Kale Salad Recipe Demo kor180
kor180 A Time to Kale
I ran out of time to create and print out recipe cards before the event (so busy last week – my next post will be about the back-to-back out-of-state weddings Rob and I attended; this event was sandwiches in the four days between the two trips, ahh!) so as promised, here’s my recipe!
Thai Kale Salad

Thai-Inspired Kale + Carrot Salad

Makes 4-ish servings (depending on how hungry you and your family/friends are, of course) – feel free to improvise on some of these ingredients to make the dressing as spicy/sweet/salty as you like! (By the way, you should be able to find all these ingredients at your local Whole Foods, Central Market, or Asian supermarket.)

2 bunches kale
3 carrots, peeled
1 package of extra-firm tofu, chopped into 1/2″ cubes

1/3c soy sauce or tamari
1/8c canola oil
1/8c sesame oil
1 big squirt of Sriracha
1 big squirt of agave
A few hearty shakes of fish sauce
1 tbsp kaffir lime juice
Juice from one medium lime
1 heaping tablespoon peanut butter (optional)

Big handful bean sprouts
A few sprigs of cilantro, roughly chopped
Handful ground or crushed peanuts

Roughly chop your kale into ribbons and julienne your carrots using a peeler (like this one! So useful for all sorts of fancy vegetable garnishes) and gently toss them together in a big bowl with your tofu cubes.

Mix together all your dressing ingredients and give it a taste. If you like it thicker/creamier, add peanut butter. If you like it thinner, go without. As I mentioned above, feel free to add more Sriracha or some chili flakes to make it spicier, more agave to make it sweeter, or another dash of fish sauce or soy to enhance the saltiness. Once the dressing is to your preferred consistency and flavor profile, toss it with your salad ingredients.

This is the easy part! Toss a big handful of all three garnishes on top of your salad and… dig in!

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