I know, I know… it’s almost Thanksgiving, so why am I reviewing a rooftop pool? Because rooftop pools are AWESOME, that’s why. And because, to my delight, RIO Rooftop was the location for our October AFBA Happy Hour!

I’d been wanting to check out RIO since I first caught wind of its existence back at the beginning of this summer. It seemed very Vegas-y (rooftop pool parties complete with DJs! I’m in!) and to my knowledge there’s nothing similar in Austin. I was so busy, though, that I never got the chance to check it out during our prime summer sizzle. Tragedy! So, visiting on an overcast day in late October would have to do for my inaugural RIO experience. (Plus, the lovely folks there supplied us food bloggers with drinks and free food, so a major shout out for that enticing perk!)

Rio Rooftop Pool

First of all, ROOFTOP POOL. With cabanas on the side! Pretty sure you can rent these out during their pool parties. Since this event was on an off-season Thursday, all seating areas were available to everyone. Also, the pool is a bit small and shallow, but let’s be real, you’re not going to be doing laps in the RIO pool. It’s purely for ~glamour~ and I love it.

Also: VIEW.

Rio Rooftop View

Doesn’t get much better than that.

As far as food goes, I wouldn’t say most of RIO’s offerings were bikini-bod friendly (despite the pool-centric nature of the venue!) however they were pretty delicious. My two favorites were the ahi poke on crispy wonton and the steak skewers.

Rio Rooftop Tuna Tartar  Rio Rooftop Pork Belly Slider

Lurking behind my tender, savory steak skewers in the photo above are pork belly sliders – they were a little dry, but the flavor was really good. We also tasted fried chicken sliders (complete with bacon jam!) and warm apple pie puff pastry turnovers with a Mexican vanilla dipping sauce, which was as decadent as it sounds.

Rio Rooftop Fried Chicken Slider Rio Rooftop Apple Turnovers
Will I come back to RIO for some more small bites and vino by the rooftop pool? HECK YES. It was really fun in fall, so I can only imagine how great it will be when the sun is shining, the champagne is poppin’, and the DJ is spinning some sweet summer jams. I wish RIO nothing but the best in all their future partytime endeavors!

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  1. I would have to think the pool will become a thorn in their side when the new wears off. I personally wouldn’t want the liability. Makes you wonder about the construction since Momo’s the last building there was shutdown due to structural problems. It would certainly be freaky to be in the building below it wondering if….

    • Hey Drew! Interesting point… I would like to think that they corrected the structural issues before putting in a pool, but I’m definitely not a construction expert. I just know that I love me a good pool! 😛

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