UPDATE: As of May 2014, Paggi House is closed. 🙁

Last Sunday Rob and I had a classy little day date: brunch and Broadway! I got us tickets to a matinee of the Broadway tour of Chicago at Bass Concert Hall. We decided to get ultra fancy with our meal choice and check out an Austin dining destination neither of us had tried before: Paggi House.

Paggi House offers a weekend brunch buffet, but this is no chintzy Golden Corral $5.99 deal. For $30 per person, you get unlimited tips to their gourmet breakfast buffet room (I especially recommend the truffled polenta and housemade sausage – usually I don’t even like breakfast sausage but this was sweet, spicy, and perfect!) plus your choice of brunch entree.

Paggi House Brunch Buffet

And let me tell you, there are some tempting entrees on that menu. I almost went with the crabcake benedict (eggs benedict will forever and always be my brunch weakness – and crabcakes? Oh girl don’t even get me started) but at the recommendation of our server I threw caution to the wind and ordered the chicken and waffles. I was afraid it would be too heavy, but Paggi House knows what’s up – diners are chowing down on that buffet, so they don’t need giant troughs of food to follow. That chicken and waffle dish was perfectly portioned, with light and crispy waffles, similarly light and crispy chicken, a drizzle of cinnamon maple syrup, and a refreshing fennel slaw on top.

Paggi House Brunch Buffet

Rob got the short rib omelet and it was super tasty, complete with tender beef and Sriracha-infused goat cheese (whaaaaat?! Why didn’t I think of that?). The picture doesn’t look that much (damn you, eggs, for concealing all the deliciousness inside) but I assure you that it was ultra flavorful without being overly heavy or greasy.

Paggi House Omelet Paggi House Short Rib Omelet

Even though Paggi House has a reputation for being upscale and fancy, I think this brunch was an awesome deal for the variety and quality of cuisine we enjoyed. Plus, bottomless, good coffee was only $3 extra and perfect peach bellinis were $4 a pop. Meaning you can linger over a buffet of breakfast treats, entree, cocktail, and coffee and still escape at around $40 a head. When it comes to dining out, I’ve spent a lot more on a lot less. While Paggi House is really nice, its atmosphere isn’t stuffy, either. We sat in the (covered, heated during this time of year) outdoor bar area where the staff was laidback and we had some prime football watchin’ seats. No frou-frou waiters or disapproving glances to be seen. It was a perfect way to start our Sunday, and I’ll definitely be back to Paggi House!

Paggi House Peach Bellini

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