I have no problem with hotdogs – in fact, I like them alright in theory – but they’re not something I really┬ácrave on a regular basis. (Icelandic hotdogs are a whole other story, as we all know. ­čśë ) Long story short, the idea of having brunch at Frank, a place known for its hotdogs and sausages, has never been something I’ve gravitated toward.

Last weekend, though, my roommates and I found ourselves in a quandary – we had optimistically headed down to 24 Diner at about 11am on a Sunday. Duh, of course this expedition was doomed to fail. There was a 45 minute wait and approximately 32098435 hungry people ahead of us. Bummer, y’all. Luckily my roomie Adelle called Frank, learned they had a minimal wait, and ushered us in that direction. I’m glad she did, because daaaang, this brunch completely trounced all my expectations.

And nary a hotdog in sight!

I went with one of my southern brunch standbys: shrimp and grits. This one did not disappoint, I got four huge prawns and a mountain of super cheesy gouda grits smothered in what the menu calls “red eye espresso gravy” (not sure what that is but it just tasted like a nice, spicy hollandaise-ish sauce?) and oh yeah, bacon crumbles. It was AWESOME, especially after a long night of holiday parties and cocktails.

Frank Shrimp & Grits 2

Pro tip: always, always add an overeasy egg or two to your shrimp and grits. That runny yolk really brings it all together.

Frank Shrimp & Grits with Egg

Rob got a brunch fit for a real hungry man – the Pig & Eggs.┬áChicken-fried wild boar with jackalope cream gravy, two eggs, and hash brown┬ácasserole. This was one insane hunk of meat.

Frank Austin Pig & Eggs

Rob couldn’t even wait for me to take a pic before he started cutting in. I can’t blame him. I told him this breakfast was basically healthy for him, since wild boar is leaner than your usual pork. (Just ignore all that coating and deep frying… and the freakin’┬ácasserole of hash browns… yeah.) It was so good though.

Adelle didn’t get a pic of her breakfast because she attempted to be actually healthy and got a fruit/yogurt/granola plate. We all know what that looks like, so I didn’t bother. ­čśŤ We all shared a plate of sweet potato flapjacks for dessert though! These suckers were practically the size of our table.

Frank Austin Flapjacks

I know that looks kinda plain, but they sure didn’t taste plain. Especially after we slathered them in butter and maple syrup.

Also great: the coffee! They had some $9 fancy coffee, but come on, I just wanted a hot drink with lots of caffeine, so I got a regular house cup o’ joe and called it a day. (Our super nice and funny server brought it to me in a giant mason jar and I made fun of him. I love mason jars as much as the next urban 20something but we’re getting a little ridic with it all!) Frank’s breakfast cocktail menu looked pretty good, but my body just wasn’t up for that action yet.

Behold: coffee and MASON JAR of water.

Frank Coffee

In sum: When you’re ready to eat a lot of really indulgent and satisfying brunch food on a Sunday morning and don’t want to wait around for a diner atmosphere, hit up FRANK! Lots of hip vibes, not a lot of hot dogs.

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  1. holy hell, that chicken fried wild boar looks AMAZING, but then again it all looks amazing. chicken fried steak is one of my favorite things. i never order it, but i’ll have bites of andy’s if he orders it. i feel like it’s just too much and i’ll feel too guilty if i order it. oh god. i want it now. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

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