I might as well rename this blog to “A Time to Brunch” because lately all my recipes and reviews have been breakfast/brunch related! But what can I say, I just love me some brunch. It’s the best way to spend a weekend morning. You know I’m right.

The latest brunch discovery in Austin: Pacha!

Pacha Burnet Brunch

This adorable Burnet coffee house has been around for years and is only about a five minute drive away from our place, but somehow I’d never paid it a visit until this weekend. Rob and I popped in for an impromptu brunch on Saturday and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it was a crunchy coffeeshop and I was kind of right, but also I was kind of wrong. It’s so much more!

Pacha Coffee Inside

Pacha’s interior reminds me of some of the hippie coffeeshops I frequented in the U-District back in my college days at UW. You know the kind… Healthy food, good coffee, bright colors, warm homey atmosphere, and a diverse mix of chill patrons. There’s a good number of these types of places in both Seattle and Austin. Pacha stands out from the pack, though, with their extensive food menu and commitment to ethical sourcing! (Also their staff! No pretension here. Both of the dudes who helped us out were really gregarious, positive, and funny. A+ to these guys.)

Practically everything here is local, local, local. Pacha prides itself on supporting the community and serving up ultra-organic, ultra-fresh fare. You can read all about their ingredients on their mission page, but basically they’re all about cooking the best food that’s the best for you. And y’all know how I feel about keeping it local. So the question is, does the actual flavor of the food match up to its quality?

Pacha CoffeeY-E-S! Ugh, Pacha is so good. Rob was like, “Yep, this is a real Teachout type of place” and boy, was he right.

Pacha Beef Hash BreakfastI got one of the specials off their board, the beef hash: a bed of spinach topped with tons of chopped organic potatoes and vegetables plus grass-fed ground beef, topped with two eggs (obviously I chose over easy – gotta have my runny yolk!). This hash wasn’t heavy or greasy at all, and the meat tasted so… clean! There’s no other way to really describe it. As one of the guys working at Pacha said, “Weird how when you treat cows with kindness and let them run around in the sunshine and grass, and they’re actually happy, they taste better when we eat them!”

Pacha Banana PancakesRob hollered at the banana pancakes. Pacha is said to have “famous” pancakes (not sure who has given them that lofty title, but that’s what the menu says) and that one huge super-pancake was definitely moist (ick, moist, sorry) and delicious! The spicy sausage he got alongside it was fantastically flavorful as well.

Pacha Breakfast Hot SauceOh, and if you want hot sauce for your eggs like we always do, don’t worry, that’s organic, too.

Pacha Organic Fruit BowlFor dessert we shared a little organic fruit bowl. Everything from the pineapple to the berries was perfectly ripe, juicy, and flavorful. And beautiful to look at, too, of course!

I’m legitimately angry with myself for taking this long to discover the greatness of Pacha, but I have a feeling that I’ll be making up for lost time at a very rapid pace. If you haven’t checked it out yet and you care about great coffee and local food, you’re going to be kicking yourself, too!


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