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Well, I’ve found my new favorite place to grab a cocktail or bite to eat when I’m on the Eastside! From the refreshing craft cocktails to the addictive blue cheese salad to the spicy-sweet chilled crab club sandwich, our meal was one for the books. (The… schoolbooks, perhaps? Get it? So many bad jokes, so little time.) Lord knows I love a good theme, and I have to applaud School House for sticking to their scholastic name and decor scheme while not riding the coattails of a fun premise. Their menu would be wonderful even if it were served out of a nondescript airstream trailer.
School House Pub Bar
School House Pub Chalkboard
Every time I’ve visited School House it’s been kind of cold (what, in Austin?! Crazy, I know) so I’ve never enjoyed their lovely-looking patio firsthand, but I love sitting in the cozy nooks and crannies on the inside of the pub. You will, too. Go and eat and drink and revel in the warm, home-y atmosphere. Enjoy some laidback people watching, chat with the friendly bartenders (but don’t linger and chat too much, because they’re probably busy whipping up cocktails and pouring brewskis for everyone), and hey, there’s even a flatscreen tv in the corner if you want to catch up on the game.

Here’s one of my favorite salads in Austin, the “Eat Your Greens”:
School House Pub Eat Your Greens Salad
The creamy sage dressing is just killer with the sharp blue cheese and the sweet pecans and pickled beets. Ahh!
Annnd here’s some of the best mac & cheese around:
School House Pub Mac and Cheese
(Look at those thick chunks of bacon and that fresh basil!)
And here’s that crab club I mentioned, complete with cool, creamy avocado slices, horseradish aioli, salty bacon, and a perfect challah bun:
Chilled Crab Club Sandwich
Oh yeah, and COCKTAILS!
School House Pub Cocktails
That’s an old fashioned (with muddled orange slices and cherries! Yum) and the Hall Pass: St. George gin, muddled blackberry, and sparkling peach.
One last statement: Of all the new restaurants on the east side, School House truly is at the head of its class! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

School House Pub

Address: 2207 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

Phone number: (512) 469-7630

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 3pm – 12am, Saturday 3pm – 1am. CLOSED SUNDAYS.

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