Sometimes I feel like my life is one giant dehydration-rehydration cycle, especially in the hot months. After a night (or weekend) of going out to eat and drink, sweating in the Austin sun, enjoying a bit more wine than I should, etc. I have to put myself on an aggressive rehydration schedule. Usually this plan consists of coconut water, kombucha, and of course, tons of good old-fashioned WATER.

Recently I’ve unearthed two new players to up my rehydration game.

Birch Tree Water

Birch Tree Water

I discovered this at a gourmet specialty shop in San Francisco when I was visiting earlier this spring. It’s kind of similar to coconut water – lots of natural electrolytes, very rehydrating, etc. According to the Byarozavik site:

Made with pure sap harvested from birch trees during springtime, birch tree water is a traditional beverage enjoyed for thousands of years in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, and other northern countries. It is high in antioxidants and minerals good for your health – with a light, crisp, delicious taste.

That “light, crisp” taste is kind of grassy and earthy – less sweet than coconut water. It definitely tasted like it was good for me. I think I like coconut water a bit better, but maybe just because I’m more used to it. If you see a bottle of birch water in the store, check it out! I’m a fan of any electolytes (back in the day, before I discovered the glory of coconut water, I used to live on Gatorade G2) but especially natural ones.


AquaHydrate Water Review

Now, this is basically fancy water; a PR company sent it to me to review. I can’t say much about the taste – it just tasted like good, clean water – but what makes AQUAhydrate special is that it’s electrolyte enhanced and alkaline balanced, with a pH of 9+. And what makes AQUAhydrate REALLY special is that a quick Google search (and skimming through the AQUAhydrate website’s “About Us” page) reveals that it’s endorsed by celebrities and athletes. CELEBS! Not just CELEBS but ELITE CELEBS!

AQUAhydrate is the water of choice for elite health and fitness authorities plus elite athletes and celebrities such as Sean (Diddy) Combs, Mark Wahlberg, All-Pro Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots, professional women’s basketball player and Olympic Gold Medalist, Delisha Milton-Jones, woman’s Rowing Erin Cafaro and countless others.

COUNTLESS others. Including Emily Teachout. I mean, this is the water of choice for Mark Wahlberg for God’s sake, who am I to argue?!  (Apparently Vice, and I love Vice as much as the next internet person but I love B-list stars more, so I’m firmly on the side of AH.)

All joking aside, what I’m looking for in an elecrolyte-enhanced beverage is the hydration factor, and for me that means not cramping. I get horrible cramps in my calves, ankles, feet, and even toes when I’m dehydrated. Usually this happens during a workout that forces my body in challenging positions, like yoga or some barre work, but sometimes I’ll just wake up in the middle of the night with awful cramping in my legs if I haven’t had enough water after a workout the day before. It’s not great! The week I was drinking my way through my sample case of AH after exercising, I had zero cramps or foot issues! So I guess I gotta “pull a Diddy” when it comes to AQUAhydrate: endorsed. Will I actively seek it out whenever I’m thirsty? No, too much work. Will I buy some after a workout if I see it on the shelves? Yeah, sometimes, when I’m feeling especially parched. Why not.

I can’t wait to discover my next miracle hydration beverage. If birch water exists, who knows what will be next? If I’m missing the next big thing in novelty health drinks, someone please tell me.

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