Let’s just state the obvious. Texas = Tex-Mex. I’m sure that’s the cuisine most people default to when asked about food in our great, big state. And with good reason; chips, queso, margs, guac, diiiid I mention the queso? What’s not to love, right?

Well… the calories and fat for one. I know, total downer, but after awhile you have to face the facts. When I first moved to Austin I was stuffing my face with tortilla chips and cheese almost any chance I got (it’s just. so. good!) and soon enough I was wondering why my favorite cut-off shorts weren’t fitting so well anymore. And yes, clearly I have a favorite pair of cut-offs, who doesn’t?!

Now when we go to Tex-Mex I am a bit wiser with my choices. Rob’s favorite place to grab a bite is Maudie’s (what can I say, he’s a good ol’ West Austin boy) and I used to struggle with finding something more exciting than your run-of-the-mill taco salad or something. Enter: the POWER BOWL!

Maudie's Power Bowl with EggThis bowl of glory used to be an off-menu special. I noticed it on a table tent promo awhile back and asked our server about it, and she explained that it’s what the staff usually eats in the kitchen for a quick on-the-go meal – a big bowl of rice, beans, vegetables, and meat. I ordered it sans-rice (if you know me, you know my stance on rice: it’s 100% filler, unnecessary in almost any situation besides risotto) and it was great!

Other diners must have felt the same way I did, because a few months after that I noticed the Power Bowl was on their permanent menu, under the “salads” and also I believe the “lighter” menu items. Here’s how I order mine: yes to lettuce, tomatoes/pico, avocado (duh), chicken, and black beans, but no rice and no cheese. Add an over-easy egg if I want to make it my breakfast item (or if I’m just in a runny egg mood, which I often am) and get extra salsa for my sauce/dressing. It’s kind of like a Chipotle Burrito Bol or something.

Maudie's Tex-Mex Power BowlThis new fave comes in handy, especially because a new (and very pretty!) Maudie’s just opened in the Triangle, close enough to walk to from our house. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to treat myself to queso, margs, and enchiladas every now and then – you have to live a little – but I see a lot of delicious Power Bowls in my future.


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