I love coffee. A lot of people love coffee, but I feel like I especially love coffee. My dad had an espresso machine (or a “latte maker” as I called it as a kid) back in the day before anyone else I heard of, and ever since then I’ve been hooked on the idea of a good cup of joe in the morning. Of course, growing up in Seattle didn’t help my addiction. There’s an amazing coffeehouse or cafe on every corner up there. (PS: Vivace is still the best in the 206. Just sayin.)

Anyway, Austin is catching up with my ol’ Seatown. I’m discovering exciting new caffeine opportunities all the time. First of all, Foreign & Domestic! You may have heard the rumor that they’re now serving coffee and popovers in the mornings, and… it’s true. Yay! I saw it (and tasted it) with my own eyes… well, I saw it with my own eyes and tasted it with my own… mouth. You get what I’m saying.

Foreign Domestic Casa Brasil Coffee

This is great news for me because F&D is right on my morning running route (when it’s cool and non-humid enough for me to want to run these summer mornings…) so what better motivation than a high-quality coffee and perhaps a popover? I mean, carbs are great running fuel, right?

My understanding is that since F&D isn’t doing their Saturday bake sales anymore, this is the new solution. It’s not as extensive as their old Saturday offerings, but it is every morning, so I’m into it!


Monday – Saturday 7AM – 11AM
Sunday 9AM – 3PM

Espresso $3
Brewed $4
Macchiato $4
Cappuccino $
Latte $5
Gruyere & Black Pepper Popover $4
Brown Sugar Cinnamon Popover $4

Love you, F&D. I’ll be sad when we move later this summer and they won’t be on my normal run/walk routine. Luckily they’ll still be just a couple miles away.

Foreign Domestic Iced Coffee Casa Brasil

Secondly… there’s a new cold brew in town (literally) and it’s delightful. I’m talking about Coffer. I scored an invite to their preview party at Houndstooth yesterday and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect – Coffer is cold brewed coffee, which isn’t unusual, but it’s the first ever cold brew that’s naturally carbonated.

Coffer Cold Brewed Coffee Austin
Worst case scenario, this could taste like weird coffee flavored soda, but to my relief it was a best-case scenario… I ran into Amy from Sushi in the ATX at the event and we were both saying it reminded us of a super-delicious stout. A bit bubbly, a bit sweet, and obviously very coffee-tasting, without being overpowering or bitter at all. I can definitely see myself sipping this as an afternoon pick-me-up. And in case anyone was wondering, yes it may look like a beer, being housed in a brown glass bottle and all, but Coffer is non-alcoholic.

Coffer Cold Brew Coffee Austin with Bourbon

Although, as the Coffer folks were happy to demonstrate, it tastes GREAT with bourbon. Yum. If you want to try Coffer for yourself, check out up-to-date info on where to purchase here.

Cheers to riding the caffeine high!

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