Airport Blvd: what… a roller coaster of a road. You have sketchy stuff, you have cool stuff, it really is all over the place. Luckily, near my house, it gets pretty good, especially if you’re looking to eat some food. In-N-Out, Tyson’s Tacos, Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs, Quality Seafood, and… House Pizzeria. It took me way too long to check out House, especially considering the fact that it’s like five minutes away from us.

I finally discovered how awesome House is last summer after an especially grueling Sunday afternoon of yard work (sidenote: I consider any & all yard work to be “grueling” so this really isn’t saying much) when we were super hungry and in the mood for pizza. And now it’s one of my favorite places in the ‘hood to grab a glass of wine and some antipasto (or, duh, pizza).

House Pizzeria Antipasto Platter

Everything about it is just so casual and nice. I love that you order at the counter in the front. I love that their antipastos and salads and specials change all the time. I love that they have affordable, easy-drinkin’ wine. I love their adorable little screened porch seating area in the back. And I love those complimentary spicy little crackers in the cup!

Last time Rob and I went to House Pizzeria it was a little over a month ago. We were just coming off a house hunting excursion, and to keep the theme of the evening going we decided to eat at House. Everything was as great as always: daily antipasto platter, baked cauliflower, and the sausage, mushroom, & red pepper pizza.

House Pizzeria Austin Antipasto Plate

Baked Cauliflower House Pizzeria Austin

House Pizzeria Baked Cauliflower Austin

House Pizzeria Austin Sausage Pizza

House Pizzeria Austin Sausage Pizza

The next day we did another house-related thing: put in an offer on an adorable mid-century rambler in Windsor Park that we’d viewed before our pizza dinner. And a day after that… it was accepted!

I’m posting this today with fond memories of that evening; enjoying a relaxing twilight meal right before making a huge decision. Also today: we sign our closing papers and officially become homeowners! It’s really exciting and kind of terrifying, but the good news is, Windsor Park is the same distance from House Pizzeria as our current place in Hyde Park. So at least I am still close to all my favorite neighborhood haunts. And once we’re all moved into the new place, I plan to have our kitchen just as full of wine and cheese as House Pizzeria itself!

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