Who doesn’t love beer and coffee, right?! I got an invite to come check out a media preview of the newly redesigned Thunderbird Cafe & Tap Room up on Koenig so I grabbed Rob and headed north.

I’ve been to the Thunderbird Manor location many times but had actually never visited this location, so I can’t compare it to what it looked like before its renovation. But I can tell you that the new & improved version is super cute! I love the outdoor patio seating area with the pendant lamps…

Thunderbird Coffee Patio

And the inside was nice as well. Their new beer wall features 35 taps, and it’s so clean and streamlined. I love this design. Plus a great brewski selection!

Thunderbird Coffee Beer Tap Wall
The actual beer list is on the neighboring wall. You can just tell them what tap number you want.

Thunderbird Coffee Beer Wall List

We sampled a few tastes of some crisp summer lagers and eventually I settled on a Sympathy for the Lager from Houston’s Karbach Brewery. My choice was enthusiastically endorsed by the ultra-nice barista/bartender/dude behind the counter. He was great – everyone working the Thunderbird event was so friendly. Sometimes people working at hip coffeehouses can be a little too cool for school… you know what I mean. Not here. Thanks guys.

Thunderbird Coffee Beer Pints Patio

Thunderbird also offers your expected tasty café type food. We tried some passed bites (little sandwiches, etc.) but next time I stop in for a latte or a pint, I want one of those vegan peanut butter cups from their display case…

Thunderbird Coffee Pastry Case

Yum. I can just imagine how cozy this place will be in the fall/winter. I’ll definitely be back for morning and evening beverages in the future. I’d say Thunderbird is off to a great start with this new redesign!

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