Chike High Protein Coffee might be my new favorite thing in life. It might sound weird to be so excited about a coffee/protein powder, but when you taste it you will understand. It is SO great. It tastes like the most delicious, real-sugar filled Frappuccino you’ve ever had, but it’s not. It’s a low carb, high protein, AMAZING TASTING powder that you shake with your water or milk of choice. (Texture-wise, I’m against using water in anything like this. I prefer unsweetened almond milk or maybe an almond-coconut milk hybrid like this one.)

A fun thing about Chike is that I don’t know how to pronounce it. Chike, rhymes with like? Or is it chee-kay? I bet it’s the former but I hope it’s the latter, because after I’m all amped up on protein and caffeine I like to yell “CHEE-KAAAYY!”. Try it, it feels good.

Chike High Protein Coffee

I realized the glory of Chike through my friend Janina, who happens to be a full-on fitness model. Talk about dedication. Not only is she gorgeous, smart, and funny, she is a wealth of information on all trendy supplements, powders, etc. We like to swap and discuss new health food discoveries. She found this at a local fitness event and knew I would love it. So, big thanks to J!

Just look at these nutrition stats. Made with two shots of real espresso, 20g whey protein, and only 2g sugar. And only 130 calories for a serving. I’m telling you guys.

Chike High Protein Coffee Nutrition Stats

I think you can only order Chike online at this time. You really should. They have a little variety pack you can get for just $10. I’m veeery interested in some of these other flavors, since their coffee one is so legit. I would also like to stress that this is in no way a sponsored post or anything, Janina and I discovered this on our own and we are in luuuv. CHEEE-KAYYY!

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  1. i subscribe to this monthly supplement subscription box and this was in one of them! excellent discovery. before i tried this, i would sometimes just mix protein powder with my coffee, but this mixes a lot better! and it’s yum yums! 🙂

  2. But is it chalky? I’ve been trying to find a good protein powder for-ev-er and they all taste chalky/gritty. I’m forcing myself to work through a container of chocolate hemp powder right now.

    • NO! It is not chalky. It is… chike-y. (Get it? Sorry. I’m horrible.) But no, it’s actually very very smooth. My Chike + almond milk drink had the texture of a bottled Frappuccino.

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