What if there was a pill you could take to make you more attractive? (Despite what my #1 girl Anna Nicole would have you believe in 2004, it’s not TrimSpa… baby. Even though that amazing commercial will forever warm my heart.)

There’s a new-ish company called HUM Nutrition which wants to help you improve your appearance and confidence through more legitimate, not sketchy means. I’m not talking about diet pills at all. HUM specializes in personalized vitamins, meaning you can pick and choose your supplement to reach certain goals. You take a quiz about your nutritional habits and what you want to achieve, then a nutritionist from their site will suggest certain vitamins, and then they will deliver them to you depending on what you want.

HUM Nutirtion

The nice folks at HUM reached out to see if I wanted to try one of their special combinations, Runway Ready:  a mix of their Red Carpet and Killer Nails supplements.

I usually incorporate a Vitamin E supplement into my routine, so this was kind of a pumped-up version of that, boosted with GLA, ALA, and Biotin. Runway Ready promises “glowing skin, glamourous hair, and perfect nails.”

After using my HUM packets over the summer, what can I tell you guys? Well, my nails have always been fairly strong, but I have noticed that they haven’t been breaking or chipping almost at all. Usually they’re a little dry or flaky after I remove a manicure, but not lately. Also my hair is getting really long and people have been commenting on it more, I have to be honest and say I’m not sure if that’s thanks to the HUM or just to the fact that I haven’t gotten a haircut since December (I’m gross, I know, but whatever, long care don’t care). I will say that my forever-tangly hair has still been as annoying to keep tamed as ever, but I lose significantly less of it when I brush my locks. (As evidenced by less snarls caught in my hairbrush.

As with any vitamins, it’s hard to say 100% that I can attribute these changes to the HUM, but it’s definitely not hurting. Especially when you consider that I’ve been eating kiiiind of like crap while moving and unpacking. I’m probably not going to any red carpets soon, but at least my hair and nailz look good while I re-organize my new kitchen.

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