I have always wanted to check out Eden East. I love that it’s not even really a farm-to-table restaurant. It’s basically farm-to-farm. As in, we grew all this stuff on the farm, now come sit outside on the farm and let us cook it for you and you will eat it. (Should I pitch that to them as a new slogan?) I remember scoping out their teaser menus on Facebook before they even opened. Somehow, though, life gets in the way or whatever, and I never made it out to the ol’ Eden. UNTIL NOW.

Prevention Magazine is holding their second R3 Summit here in Austin next month, and they invited a bunch of local food bloggers and media to a big dinner at Eden East to meet their team and learn more about the event. I happily accepted my invite, of course.

Eden East Prevention R3 Dinner Eden East Prevention R3 DinnerEden East is as cute as I dreamed it would be. I knew the whole dining experience was outside, but I didn’t realize everything was actually served out of a big trailer thing. That’s pretty intense. Because the dinner is all served out of the trailer, and it’s a fixed multi-course menu, you should plan on spending the majority of your evening at EE when you come for dinner. It’s definitely not a place to grab a hurried bite. (And if you’re paying for this nice meal, I feel like you shouldn’t be in a rush anyway… enjoy these gorgeous surroundings.)

Speaking of enjoyment, I immensely enjoyed my meal. The company was fantastic – loved all the Prevention peeps as well as the guests – the food was flavorful yet fresh and light, and the wine was perfectly paired. I raved about every single glass, and I can be kind of picky about white wine especially. (I mean I’ll always drink cheap white wine if that’s what’s available, but when I’m at a high-class restaurant I’m disappointed if the wine doesn’t live up to the atmosphere and food quality, you know?)

It was a little tough to take photos as the evening darkened – we were literally eating by lamplight, which was awesome but not exactly Pinterest-friendly. Hopefully these give you some idea of the graceful menu…

Eden East Prevention R3 DinnerEden East Prevention R3 Dinner Eden East Prevention R3 Dinner Eden East Prevention R3 Dinner Eden East Prevention R3 Dinner

I think my favorite two courses of the night were the fire roasted butternut squash and the pear spoon cake – which is a little out of character as I am not a big dessert person and don’t love pear flavored things. But this cake was THAT GOOD.

Huge thanks to Prevention for treating us to such a delightful evening. I definitely want to make another visit to Eden East… and this time I won’t wait another year+ to do so. If you’re interested in learning more about the Summit, you can get tons of info here. You can also get $20 off registration by using the code “R3VIB” – don’t say I never gave you anything.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to go dream about that pear cake again…


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