Sushi Zushi on 5th St treated us to a sampling of Japanese food and sake for our February AFBAHH (Austin Food Blogger Alliance happy hour). This was good because: 1. I love sushi. 2. I love happy hour. Pretty straightforward logic.

We also had the chance to sample edamame, gyoza, and a couple other warm appetizer-type things, but I mostly shied away from the cooked stuff to focus on the sushi. I’m not much for fried food and don’t like to waste valuable stomach real estate when there is SUSHI involved.

Most of the rolls we sampled were pretty Americanized (lots of sauces, cooked elements, etc.) which can sometimes be too heavy for my liking, but these were really well-balanced, managing to be rich but also fresh and light. Sushi Zushi also offers plenty of traditional/simple rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. Something for everyone.

Sushi Zushi Happy Hour Austin - Tropical Roll

Sushi Zushi offers a sweet happy hourevery day from 3-7pm, enjoy $5 cocktails, $5 glass wine, $3.25 beers, $7 sake, $2.50-3.50 apps, and most importantly, discounted rolls! $4 gets you a California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Key West Roll… need I say more?

No, I need not say more, just look at how pretty these rolls are. Buuut actually let me say a bit more. My two favorites were the Tropical Roll (ABOVE. Asparagus, avocado, cucumber, carrots, sprouts and cream cheese rolled uramaki style wrapped with mango and topped with sriracha sauce) and the Bora Bora Roll (BELOW. Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese rolled uramaki style topped with chopped snow crab salad and drizzled with four sauces: honey wasabi, sriracha, eel and Las Vegas).

Sushi Zushi Happy Hour Austin

What is Las Vegas sauce if it’s not the same as eel sauce? Teriyaki? Who knows, it’s tasty and probably full of sugar and flavorings. But it’s so good. These “fancy” rolls aren’t on HH but will only set you back about $12 a pop, so you can mix and match your cheapie HH rolls with a couple luxurious rolls and maybe some sashimi and you’re set to go.

A little more sushi porn before I send you on your way…Sushi Zushi Austin Happy Hour - Bora Bora Roll

Sushi Zushi Happy Hour Austin

Sushi Zushi Happy Hour Austin

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