El Chile Group’s newest concept, Alcomar, recently invited us to come in for dinner, and since I’m clearly down for anything specializing in seafood, I was all about it. (Note: while I got a media invite and discount, we did choose our dishes and pay the bill ourselves AND of course all opinions are my own!) And I will say this: both Rob and I were very pleasantly surprised! Not “surprised” as in “we thought it would suck” but just “surprised” as in “we had no idea what exactly to expect from this new ‘Latin coastal’ concept and the food was awesome.”

First of all, I love the atmosphere. You really feel like you’re in your Latin uncle’s beach house or something. I need to use more wicker lighting fixtures and white macramé wall hangings in my personal decorating schemes.

Alcomar Austin Decor

We started out with a Don Carlos margarita – don julio blanco, cointreau, lime, and a bolivian pink salt rim. We all know I chose this because it has pink sea salt (well, and tequila, duh). It’s not the fanciest drink to look at, but I loved it. Thanks to the simplicity of the cocktail, the quality of the ingredients were able to shine through.

Don Carlos Margarita Alcomar AustinAfter the drinks it was onto apps:

Alcomar Austin

Alcomar Austin Ahi Tuna Ceviche

Our server brought out a little plate of tostadas and spicy pickled vegetables, then the Cebiche Peruano: ahi tuna, ají amarillo, ginger, corn nuts, and sweet potatoes & yucca. Very pretty, very pink, and the fish was perfect.

Weirdly, even though we’re in the middle of the summer, we both decided to order soup and it turned out to be an excellent choice.

Alcomar Austin Shrimp CaldoRob ordered the Bolivian Potato Soup (leeks, chochoyotes & pecan-xalapeño pesto) and I got the Shrimp Caldo (swiss chard, maiz, carrots & peas). His was really good, but we both agreed that mine was really, really good. I can’t put my finger on exactly what made the tomato-based broth so savory and addictive, but I couldn’t get enough of it. The plump, fresh, perfectly cooked shrimp weren’t hurting anything either.

Finally we got this giant hot mess of a plate, which I mean as a HUGE compliment. Between the lighting at our table and the gigantic pile of food with various accoutrements slathered on top, it was really hard to get a photo that would do it justice. But I promise this beast was an experience to remember:

Alcomar Austin Texas Wagyu Hanger SteakTexas Wagyu Hanger Steak with poblano & goat cheese enchiladas, mojo lobster & avocado. Yup, it’s two enchiladas stuffed with goat cheese and roasted peppers, topped in a creamy-spicy lobster tail ragu, topped with a huge steak. Because why not! Oh and some spicy guacamole on the side, just for good measure.

Alcomar Austin Hanger Steak and Salad

We also got a Local Lettuce salad (goat cheese, tomatoes, avocado, radish & garbanzos) to “balance it out” which probably wasn’t necessary. The steak & lobster was SO. MUCH. FOOD. Rob and I split it and could barely finish, on top of the apps we ordered. Alcomar turned out to be a hog wild night.

But seriously that steak dish was only $35 which is a screamin’ deal considering you get hanger steak AND lobster AND enchiladas and between two people we struggled to clean our plate. (Not that I’m saying I want Alcomar to raise their prices… nope, $35 is great, thank you very much.)

So, would I go back? YES! What would I order? A cocktail, soup, and the hanger steak! How would I arrive? With a completely empty stomach next time, jeez.




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