1. Brunch. 2. Seafood. 3. Morning wine. 4. Spanish Sunday Fundayyy!

What’s not to love?!

Barlata | South Lamar Austin | BrunchWhile I’m all about eggs and other traditional brunch-y fare, you’ll never see me complaining about something a little outside the box. I’ve now discovered that paella and white wine at 11am are GREAT, thanks to Barlata tapas bar on South Lamar.

Barlata | South Lamar Austin | ShrimpWe started out our Barlata brunch with some champagne (duh) and tapas. My two favorites were spicy shrimp and the patatas bravas (aka fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and aioli). I have something to admit: I normally don’t like breakfast potatoes. They’re starchy and bland and I don’t like covering up their boringness by drowning them in gross ketchup.

But guess what! Turns out if you deep fry potatoes, smother them in spicy sauce, then smother THAT in mayonnaise (the king of all condiments), I love them. Go figure.
Barlata | South Lamar Austin | Patatas BravasAfter tapas, it was time for the main attraction: white wine and PAELLA. I’ve had a special fondness AND high standard for paella ever since I enjoyed fresh paella on the beaches of Malaga. (And yes, I feel annoying bringing that up, but what can you do.) Rob is big into paella too, and we concurred that this is pretty damn good. We had two types:

Barlata Paella: Spanish​ saffron rice, mixed seafood, chicken, chorizo and veggies
Barlata | South Lamar Austin | Brunch

Arros Negre: Spanish Rice, squid, clams, sepia, squid ink, aioli
Barlata | South Lamar Austin | Brunch | Paella Arros Negre
That one was my favorite. Gotta love some squid ink. If you’re scared of it, don’t be. Squid ink adds a briny, rich element to any pasta or rice dish. It tastes of the sea. Mmmm… ink.
So, friends! If you aren’t afraid of breaking out of the scrambled eggs and bacon jail that mainstream SOCIETY has built for you, follow me to Barlata for a Spanish brunch delight full of seafood, spice, and yes, squid ink. Oh yeah and wine.


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