As the entire world knows by now, I LOVE BRUNCH.

And Austin has no lack of appealing brunch options. Frankly, it can get overwhelming. As I type this very sentence, I’m panicking about all the mimosas I might be missing out on. Fear Of Missing Out On Mimosas. FOMOoM. I guess it’s a good problem to have.

This brunch-saturated city is to blame for why it took me SO long to get to Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden for Sunday Funday! I’m no stranger to weekend bar-hopping on Rainey but somehow, despite hearing great things about it, Banger’s brunch has eluded me for years.


Brunch at Bangers in Austin

Brunch at Bangers in Austin - Bagel and Smoked Salmon

Banger’s features a lively Sunday brunch complete with live New Orleans style jazz band, plenty of hangover-killing entreés (and yes they have more than just sausage), and manmosas. No, not mimosas, manmosas. I don’t love the name (I drink more champagne than ANY man, trust) but I do love these drinks. Check it:

Bangers Austin Brunch Manmosas

These are giant mugs o’ mimosas. We’re talking an entire German beer stein full of champagne and OJ. Manmosas are definitely a one-and-done kind of beverage. Not for the weak of heart (or liver)… of course my squad was game.

Clearly if you’re going to finish your million gallons of mimosa and still leave Banger’s walking of your own volition, you’re going to need some food. These menu options can stand up to the manmosa for sure. I treated myself to one of my favorite brunch splurges: a fancy bagel loaded with lox and every kind of tasty topping.

Brunch at Bangers in Austin - Bagel and Smoked Salmon

This was a good one. For $10, Bangers serves up their house-cured salmon, toasted everything bagel, shredded hardboiled eggs, cream cheese, capers, diced red onions, sliced tomatoes, cracked black pepper & sea salt. The more toppings the better, as far as I’m concerned!

I’m not trying to say my bagel was healthy, but it might have been the “lightest” option at Banger’s brunch. Other members of our table ordered breakfast nachos (!), biscuits & gravy, and a classic sausage platter.

Brunch at Bangers in Austin - Breakfast Nachos

Housemade chorizo, black beans, eggs, avocado, fresh cilantro, cheese curds & Banger’s Ranchero sauce all served over a bed of housemade corn tortilla chips. Brunch at Bangers in Austin - Biscuits and Gravy

House-made biscuit, milk gravy & your choice of housemade bacon or housemade breakfast sausage. Although if we’re being real, that bacon was more like a giant slab of pork belly.

Banger’s also gets bonus points for being super dog friendly. There are adorable pups everywhere and even a small dog run where you can let them play together. Since I am now a crazy dog person, this makes me very happy (and it makes Delilah happy too, because she gets so sad when we leave her at home when we go do fun stuff on weekends).

Banger’s brunch is on Sundays only, starting at 10am and ending around 4pm. I advise getting there as close to 10am as possible, since the line/crowd can get pretty big!

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