Happy October! To me, fall is a time to get cozy and reflect on the year and what all to be thankful for (because you know… Thanksgiving, my fave holiday, is coming… so might as well get a head start on that). So let’s talk about something I really appreciate about our city.

One of the (many) great things about Austin is the abundance of local producers and creators right here in our community. Food, drinks, art, homewares, you name it, we have it here, crafted by talented locals. I think we can all agree that supporting our community by buying local is an awesome thing to do. It’s the reasons I love buying from the people in my ‘hood: Mueller farmers market, Canopy, Johnson’s Backyard Garden, etc.

Contigo Austin Lunch Coterie Market

Now I have another local Austin fave to add to my list: Coterie Market is launching a new specialty giftbox, the Coterie Sampler. I’ve seen a lot of giftbox services popping up lately, but this one is different because it’s all local Austin makers! I attended the Coterie Sampler launch party at the aforementioned Canopy last week, where, along with other local media, I was treated to Bloody Marys from Barbecue Wife, lunch from Contigo, and a pottery demonstration from the awesome Keith Kreeger.

Keith Kreeger Canopy Austin

What do those three things have in common? They’re all local and authentic! We spent a lot of time at this event talking about what being truly “artisan” really means. It’s not some stupid “artisan chicken sandwich” from a nationwide fast food chain or whatever. Coterie Sampler only features real, handmade, original items from local Austin creators. I went home with their latest box and it was stuffed to the brim with Austin-made favorites.

Coterie Sampler | Austin, TX

Rosemary Gin & Juice Shortbread Tea Biscuits from Skull & Cakebones
Finishing Salts from Lenoir
Green Tomato Preserves from Confituras
Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips from Sarah’s Kale Chips
Organic Fruit-Infused Water from Sway Water
Lavender Mosquito Repellent from Lavande Farm

Obviously all of these are wonderful but I do have to say that those Sarah’s kale chips are ridiculous. I couldn’t stop eating them. And, while we can all conclude that I must love kale, I’m pretty picky about kale chips. Most of the time they only end in disappointment and shattered dreams. Not Sarah’s, though! I could eat those things all day, every day.

Coterie Sampler boxes would be a really meaningful and fun alternative to flowers or a card next time you want to say thank you to someone or celebrate a friend’s birthday, anniversary, etc. Check out the ordering options here and support local Austin artisans! It’s a worthy investment.

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