Hi friends! I just got back from an AH-mazing trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for an epic wedding. (Much more on that – especially the food – to come, once I go through my millions of photos!)

As we all know, when you’re preparing for a vacation or trip, something happens with your grocery situation in the days prior. Namely, you don’t really buy any. Personally, I hate wasting food, so usually I forego my usual weekly grocery trip and instead get a ton of takeout.

But this time! There was still a fair amount of takeout involved last week, but I did enjoy one homecooked meal before we said “adios” to the USA for a week. How? Gourmet by Numbers sent me a meal kit to try out. Gourmet by Numbers is one of those ready-to-cook companies that we’ve seen popping up in the past year or so – you know, like Blue Apron, etc. To me, GbN is better than those bigger guys because it’s a local Austin company and they use organic products and local vendors whenever possible. They actually just opened a brick and mortar location up in North Austin.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not super big on grab-and-go dinner places or meal kits, since I love to spend my time cooking. BUT on rushed, busy nights like the ones leading up to our trip, it was a welcome respite to grocery shopping, prepping, etc. and definitely healthier than most of the crap I’d get delivered.

Let’s talk about the most important aspect, though: how was dinner?

Gourmet By Numbers | Sriracha Chicken

I made the sriracha honey chicken with sweet & spicy brussels sprouts and herbed mint cous cous and I was honestly surprised by well it came together. Real talk: I wouldn’t have bothered to write about it if it weren’t delicious. The chicken, sprouts, and cous cous were all ridiculously easy to prep and they were cooked perfectly. I did seem to have a surplus of sauce ingredients for the sprouts and a little less than I would have liked for the chicken, but those are very minor nitpicks.

This was the one portion pack, but I had enough chicken and cous cous to share with Rob, who thought it was A+ as well. I can definitely see this being a good compromise on busy nights when you don’t want to stuff yourself with pad thai (not that I… ever do that…. yep) but also don’t have time for shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

If you have a sweet tooth, Gourmet by Numbers just started offering dessert kits as well, so you can make single/multi portioned sweets on-the-go. I’m not much of a baker in general but I will say these chocolate sea salt cookies look really good…

Dark Choc Sea Salt Cookie

Thanks to Gourmet by Numbers for the sample! While I did get to try this tasty meal out fo free, my opinions on it are completely my own. Duh.

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