Austin Love

Coterie Sampler | Austin, TX

A Box of Joy from Coterie Market

Happy October! To me, fall is a time to get cozy and reflect on the year and what all to be thankful for (because you know… Thanksgiving, my fave holiday, is coming… so might as well get a head start on that). So let’s talk about something I really appreciate about our city. One of the […] Read more…

Brunch at Bangers in Austin - Bagel and Smoked Salmon

Brunch (and Manmosas!) at Banger’s

As the entire world knows by now, I LOVE BRUNCH. And Austin has no lack of appealing brunch options. Frankly, it can get overwhelming. As I type this very sentence, I’m panicking about all the mimosas I might be missing out on. Fear Of Missing Out On Mimosas. FOMOoM. I guess it’s a good problem to […] Read more…

Delilah before and after

All About Delilah the Puppy

I’ve set aside some time for this particular post – and it’s not even food-related. It’s about something even more exciting: PUPPIES! Today is our one month anniversary of pup ownership so I thought it would be nice (or annoying, depending on how much of a dog lover you are or how much you have already […] Read more…