Brunch at Epicerie in Austin | A Time to Kale

Surefire Springtime Brunch Picks in Austin

Brunch! Is there anything better?! No. Well, maybe brunch on a patio. Give me a mimosa (preferably bottomless), some strong black coffee, and anything topped with a runny egg, and we are in business! Austin’s brunch game is pretty good these days, mostly on Sundays (get with it on the Saturday brunch, Austin restaurants!), but […] Read more…

Emily & Rob on the Contigo Patio

The Ultimate Guide to Austin Patio Life

*** Updated March 2017! *** This isn’t an exaggeration: lounging on a patio while eating and/or drinking is one of my FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD and definitely one of my favorite things about being in Austin. Sitting inside a restaurant is all well and good, but once you’re outside in the sunshine with that cold […] Read more…

Rio Rooftop Pool

RIO Rooftop Bar + Pool

I know, I know… it’s almost Thanksgiving, so why am I reviewing a rooftop pool? Because rooftop pools are AWESOME, that’s why. And because, to my delight, RIO Rooftop was the location for our October AFBA Happy Hour! I’d been wanting to check out RIO since I first caught wind of its existence back at the […] Read more…