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Massaged Kale Salad with Chicken and Avocado

My Favorite Massaged Kale Salad

Ughhh. After ten days of panels by day and parties by night thanks to SXSW, my body haaaates me. It’s been nothing but free booze and free snacks. My diet has basically consisted of KIND Bars, cheap vodka-sodas, and canned rosé. On one hand, that is living the dream, but on the other hand, I […] Read more…

Favorite Detox Tools: Natural Juices and Smoothies

5 Ways to Detox + Bounce Back After SXSW

Welp, SXSW 2015 is dunzo. After any big event or fest – SX, Fun Fun Fun, ACL, even a birthday weekend or friend’s wedding – I harbor a mix of sadness and relief. Sadness because I love celebrating, drinking, and dancing with friends and never want the good times to end, but relief because there is only so […] Read more…