Brunch at Epicerie in Austin | A Time to Kale

Surefire Springtime Brunch Picks in Austin

Brunch! Is there anything better?! No. Well, maybe brunch on a patio. Give me a mimosa (preferably bottomless), some strong black coffee, and anything topped with a runny egg, and we are in business! Austin’s brunch game is pretty good these days, mostly on Sundays (get with it on the Saturday brunch, Austin restaurants!), but […] Read more…

Emily & Rob on the Contigo Patio

The Ultimate Guide to Austin Patio Life

*** Updated March 2017! *** This isn’t an exaggeration: lounging on a patio while eating and/or drinking is one of my FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD and definitely one of my favorite things about being in Austin. Sitting inside a restaurant is all well and good, but once you’re outside in the sunshine with that cold […] Read more…