Sweet + Salty Autumn Chopped Salad

Sweet + Salty Autumn Chopped Salad

Another fall evening, another delicious salad for us all to enjoy. This one originates from my friend Kasey, who threw together the brussels/bacons/pear/cran combo one night when I was over at her place. As mentioned, it has plenty of sweetness – cranberries, pears, pecans, slightly caramelized brussels – but the saltiness of the bacon evens […] Read more…

Gruyere Brussels Sprouts Quiche

Brussels Sprout + Asparagus Quiche

Happy New Year’s Eve! Guess who’s back in Austin after spending time in Seattle (and off the internet) over the holidays? ME! (Duh.) Not only that, but I have a whole bonus week off over the New Year’s holiday because I’m starting an amazing new jooooob (!!!!!!!!) and my first day isn’t until January 6th. Looks like it’s time […] Read more…