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Sweet + Salty Autumn Chopped Salad

Sweet + Salty Autumn Chopped Salad

Another fall evening, another delicious salad for us all to enjoy. This one originates from my friend Kasey, who threw together the brussels/bacons/pear/cran combo one night when I was over at her place. As mentioned, it has plenty of sweetness – cranberries, pears, pecans, slightly caramelized brussels – but the saltiness of the bacon evens […] Read more…

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Pumpkin-Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers

Well, Thanksgiving came and went and it was awesomely delicious. Oh, and then Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches on Black Friday happened. Then on Saturday our Christmas house party full of spiced cider, cookies, dips, and other party apps happened. Basically, I ate a ton of amazing holiday treats and I don’t particularly regret it, but I […] Read more…

Butternut Bison Blue Cheese Chili

Butternut Blue Cheese Bison Chili

It… is… COLD in Austin this week! I even busted out my furry white North Face and slouchy suede winter boots from my past life in Seattle. And I’m not talking “Texas cold” I’m talking real cold – in the 30s at night. Brrrrr. Needless to say, it’s chili weather. I’m a huge fan of […] Read more…