Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Abs

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Days 1-10 Review

Okay, as promised, here’s my update slash review of my first phrase of the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis. I’ve done Transform days 1-10 and I have to say I really like it. So far, Operation: Rock My Body Pre-Vacation and Weddings is a success! First of all, not only have I done days 1-10 but I’ve […] Read more…

Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is My New Frenemy

There’s nothing I love more than embarking on an overly ambitious fitness plan, especially when it’s somehow celebrity-related, so yesterday I started the dang Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program to really try to get my bod into bangin’ shape before all the travel I’m embarking on the rest of the summer. I’ve done a lot of […] Read more…