Warm Sweet Potato, Red Quinoa, & Chicken Salad

Warm Nutty Sweet Potato + Red Quinoa Salad

Hi guys. It’s February! (And no, I don’t want to talk about the Super Bowl, I’ve been in a bad mood about it for the whole week, let’s just move on.) It’s also the month of Valentine’s Day (I’ll have something good for that next week) and my birthday. Most importantly, it’s generally the last […] Read more…

White WInter Truffle Mac & Cheese

White Winter Truffled Mac + Cheese

I have a winter/holiday tradition with one of my oldest friends (and former roommate), Dayna. Every year, the first time it snows, we set aside the evening to drink a bunch of wine and make homemade truffled macaroni and cheese. It all started seven (!) years ago when I found a recipe online and we […] Read more…