Favorite Fall Tomato Soup

Favorite Spiced Tomato-Pumpkin Soup

It’s been awhile! Not to sound like a walking cliché, but the holidays have really snuck up on me this time around. Don’t ask me if I’ve started my gift shopping, because as the groundbreaking Canadian-reggae musical group MAGIC! would say in their seminal work “Rude,” “Tough luck my friend, but the answer is no!” Anyway. […] Read more…

KEX Hostel Breakfast Bread and Jelly

Eating My Way Through Iceland: Part 1

We got back from our Europe vacation about a week ago, but I’ve been so exhausted and busy getting back into the swing of things that I haven’t had the time or energy to really recap… UNTIL NOW. (And just when things seem like they’re winding back down to normal, we’re headed to Seattle for […] Read more…