It seems like Europe was just a nanosecond ago, but it’s already been exactly a month since Michael and Trudy’s wedding, and since then Rob and I have attended two more – Kimmy + Ryan in Seattle and Ally + Brad in Tahoe (the latter of which we just returned from last night! More on that one a bit later this week). Both celebrations were so fun. Not gonna lie… I’m 100% exhausted, but it’s been totally worth it.

Of course, I used to live in Seattle, so whenever I go back for a visit I try to cram in meals at as many of my favorite restaurants as possible. It’s seriously a feeding frenzy from the moment the plane hits the tarmac at Seatac. What do you eat in my Seattle? Here are some of the highlights:
Brave Horse Pretzel and Clam DipBrave Horse Tavern Benedict
Brunch at Brave Horse Tavern in South Lake. Brave Horse is definitely my favorite of all the Tom Douglas joints in the city, it’s the most casual and has such a fun atmosphere. You’re guaranteed to have a rollicking good time if you go to drink in the evening, but in my opinion the best option is weekend brunch, when you can enjoy a delicious breakfast pretzel (yes, breakfast pretzel! That one above was served with a garlic clam dip, sorry about my breath guys), and a morning cocktail or two before busting out a game of shuffleboard.
Solarium Caramel Latte Seattle
Coffee! Coffeeeeeee. Duh, it’s Seattle. Coffee. Here’s a secret: even though Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, most hip Seattleites aren’t huge fans of the ‘Bux. I can think of a bajillion indie coffeehouses I’d rather hit up instead. This is a caramel latte from Solarium in the U District. It’s just a little walk-up window on the Ave that may not look like much, but they use Stumptown beans and their caramel sauce is made from scratch, not some packaged syrup. Sooo good. They also do Ovaltine lattes, which my mom loved.Thai Tom Yellow CurryThai Tom Yellow Curry
Also in the U District is my biggest must-do of all: Thai Tom. I did a big write-up on it for Endless Simmer last summer after I visited, so you can check that piece out if you want to read multiple paragraphs of gushing about yellow curry. Best best best Thai food in Seattle.Linda's Seattle Brunch
Annnnd we’ll end my culinary mini-journey with yet another eggs benny. This one is from Linda’s in Capitol Hill, which has the mother of all hangover brunches. Good diner-style platters with a slightly Mexican flare (those are deep-fried breakfast flautas in the background, how intense is that?). They also specialize in pitchers of mimosas. Because what’s better than a glass of champagne? A pitcher of it, of course.

All eating aside, the main reason we were back in the Northwest was for Kimmy’s wedding, and it was just about the cutest, most Pinterest-y event ever. It was out on Willie Green’s Organic Farm in Monroe, WA, which was beautiful. Kimmy is very crafty and has a great sense of style, so it should be no surprise that her wedding reflected that. Some of the coolest parts were DIY, like this colorful (and very well-stocked!) self-serve cocktail bar:
Wedding Bar SetupSelf-Serve Wedding Bar
Mason jars for days! Kimmy and Ryan both looked picture-perfect, although they were so popular that I hardly had the chance to snap a pic of them… I have to say that the rest of us cleaned up pretty nicely as well. I felt like I was in a hipster Pinterest photo shoot (and I mean that as a huge compliment to Kimmy and everyone who helped decorate the ultra-adorable venue!).
CK wedding wood pile Emily Rob Wedding Pic
Willie Green Wedding Venue
Obviously I love living in Austin, but just look at these photos; how could I not miss living in gorgeous Seattle at the same time? (Doesn’t hurt that I choose to visit in summertime so I don’t have to deal with the gloom and rain, ha.) Lucky for me I have tons of friends and fam up there, meaning I have tons of reasons to visit. In fact, I’ll be back in less than a month! See you soon, Emerald City.

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