Taste the tropics! Blenders and Bowls, one of Austin’s favorite ways to get a fruit fix, just opened a new location in Westlake and I went to go check it out this week. And guess what: today is National Acai Day. So you should probably head there to get your acai on, too.

Blenders and Bowls Westlake | A Time to Kale

The new Westlake location of B&B is light, bright, and airy, with pops of bright turquoise. The perfect environment for enjoying a bowl of nutrient-packed goodness.

Blenders and Bowls | A Time to Kale

When my friend Katie and I dropped by for lunch, we shared the Beach Bowl, a menu staple with an acai base, and one of the specials, the Funfetti Bowl, with a pitaya (dragonfruit) base. (I can’t resist anything Funfetti or birthday cake flavored, so obviously I had to go for it.) Both were beautifully constructed and full of nutrients and superfoods. I especially appreciated the goji berries, local honey, and edible flowers (!!!) topping the Funfetti.

Blenders and Bowls | A Time to Kale

So, why acai? The skin of the acai berry is more antioxidant-rich than any other fruit in the world. I remember back in high school, when Emerald City Smoothie, the local smoothie and supplement shop in my hometown, started touting the exotic acai berry and its benefits. I’ve been hooked ever since and I’m glad acai has gathered such popularity! It has a rich, juicy taste with a hint of dark chocolate flavor and combines well with basically any other fruit or smoothie ingredient you can throw in with it.

And regarding pitaya: it’s packed with vitamin C and vitamin D, as well as immunity-boosting antioxidants and fiber. Tons of health benefits here! Plus look at its gorgeous, all-natural fuchsia hue:

Blenders and Bowls Pitaya Bowl | A Time to Kale

Learn more on Blenders & Bowls’ nutrition page!

You can obviously have acai and all this other blended fruit goodness as a smoothie, but why a bowl? “Acai bowls satisfy your hunger and fulfill so many nutritional benefits without weighing you down,” says Blenders & Bowls Co-Founder Erin Downing. “Customizing each bowl means there is enough variety to keep you craving acai bowls everyday.” I have to say I agree… I am already hungering for my next artistically constructed acai fix!

Blenders and Bowls Pitaya Bowl | A Time to Kale

The lovely people of Blenders & Bowls comped my lunch when I came into the Westlake shop – but all photos and opinions are completely my own!

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