I actually wanted to name this one the Backyard Berry Bourbon Fizz but decided that might be TOO much alliteration… even for me.

Backyard Bourbon Fizz Cocktail | A TIme to Kale

This cocktail is bursting with the bright, fresh, and fruity flavors of summertime. No simple syrup, honey, or any other sweetener or flavorings needed – just quality bourbon and fresh watermelon, strawberries, and cherries. Oh, and of course, a splash of every Texan’s favorite cold fizzy beverage, good ol’ Topo Chico. It’s the perfect southern summer sipper. There I go with the alliteration again.

Backyard Bourbon Fizz Cocktail | A TIme to Kale

Backyard Bourbon Fizz

2 shots of your favorite bourbon – I used Four Roses
4 fresh strawberries, chopped
4 fresh cherries, pitted
2 1″ chunks fresh watermelon
1/8 cup fresh watermelon juice
1 bottle Topo Chico (or any other sparkling water if you can’t find Topo in your hood)

Muddle the fresh fruit with the bourbon and pour into a highball glass (or, in my case, tall jam jar, because I was feeling the summertime kitsch, y’all). If you don’t like chunks in your drinks you can strain it, but I personally LOVE snacking on those lil’ booze-soaked pieces of fruit at the bottom!

Pack the glass with ice and pour in the fresh watermelon juice (I literally just reserved a bit of juice from the watermelon I chopped earlier in the day). Top with Topo Chico, stick a straw (and perhaps a strawberry) in it, and you’re ready to get your backyard drank on, bb!

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Backyard Bourbon Fizz Cocktail | A TIme to Kale

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